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Smart spend management for retail & e-commerce businesses

Streamline your spend management with one intelligent platform and company card. Manage expenses like inventory, permits and storage (and more!) - all in one place.

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Why choose Corpay One for your business?

Easily automate ACH, check and wire payments. Plus, put recurring bills on autopay, track vendor payments - and so much more. 
Save time with automated approvals, no-entry scanning, no-code expense workflows and real-time accounting sync to QuickBooks Online.
Set custom card controls, manage employee credit card spend, oversee upcoming bills and organize finance team work.
Take your business to the next level with a credit line of up to $500K.¹

Your spend, all in one place

One intelligent platform to manage, track and view all of your employee and vendor expenses. Plus, virtually every payment in Corpay One automatically syncs with your accounting system - so everything is accounted for, where it really counts.


Scan and approve on-the-go

The Corpay One mobile app for iOS and Android and Send & Scan address ensure bills and receipts are uploaded to Corpay One - effortlessly. Scan receipts, approve expenses and submit expense reports in just a few clicks.


Spend management, streamlined

Set custom credit card controls for individual cardholders - in real-time. Limit where and how often a Corpay One Mastercard® is used. Set spend limits per card or get even more control by restricting purchases to specific categories - like travel, fuel and maintenance! Plus, issue unlimited cards to your entire team, for free!

Built for clients like yours.


For businesses like:

Brick and mortar

Online retailers

Fashion, clothing and shoes

Jewelry and accessories

Furniture, home goods and interiors

Art, book and music stores

Restaurants and diners

Wine, spirits and liquor stores

Office supplies and furniture

Building and home improvement materials

Sports and athletic supplies

Florists and flower shops

For expenses like:


Website development and hosting fees


Fixtures, furniture and office supplies

Marketing and design services

Licensing, permits and insurance

Customer service support


Cleaning services

Legal services

Storage and warehousing

Trade shows and events

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Green Rating Stars
Take my money :)This is how accounting and payments should be done in 2020.One of the best automation services I have seen around invoices and bookkeeping.
Keenan Pinto
Green Rating Stars
To say it has significantly lowered time paying bills would be an understatement. We practically don't spend any time paying bills anymore.
Andrew Lolk
Green Rating Stars
Great app, works well and is easy to use. If you don’t want to waste too much time on paying bills this is by far the easiest and fastest option.
William Schneider

Streamline your spend with one, intelligent platform.

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