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Smart spend management for scaling businesses

When your business scales, your spend does too. Get the intelligent platform with a company card that helps you spend smarter, earn faster and save more. 

Why choose Corpay One?



Paying bills just got easier. Automate ACH, Check and Wire payments. Plus, put recurring bills on autopay, track vendor payments and so much more.
Save time and eliminate manual data entry with our no-entry scanning, automated approvals, no-code expense workflows and real-time accounting sync to QuickBooks Online.
Spend management is in your hands. Set custom card controls, manage employee credit card spend and oversee upcoming bills - from anywhere, for any team member.
Your business is growing - Corpay One can help accelerate that growth. With our Corpay One Mastercard® and accounts payable platform you can manage all spending across your company, whether it’s 100 employee cards or automating $200k in monthly payment approvals.
Corpay One has automated more than $2 billion in payments. With built-in fraud prevention, encryption and more, we’re here to streamline your spend and secure your payments.

Spend management, streamlined

Control employee spending before it happens. Empower your team to spend confidently with custom credit card controls for individual cardholders - from anywhere, in real time. You can limit where and how often a Corpay One Mastercard® is used, restrict purchases to specific categories, like travel, fuel and maintenance, and set spend limits per card. With Corpay One, you’re in control.


Your spend, all in one place

Effortlessly manage your employee and vendor expenses in one intelligent platform. Plus, Corpay One automatically syncs with your accounting system - so you can stop entering the data twice.


Two-way sync with QuickBooks Online

Corpay One works on top of QuickBooks Online, powering it up with real-time, two-way sync to record every payment and simplify your bill pay. That means you can get cleaner books - with no manual entry (or manual entry errors). 


Unlimited cards for your employees

Get a Corpay One Mastercard® for every member of your team - for no additional fees. Plus, you can set custom spend controls for each card.

Mobile app

Scan and approve on-the-go

The Corpay One mobile app for iOS and Android and Send & Scan address ensure bills and receipts are uploaded to Corpay One - effortlessly. Scan receipts, approve expenses and submit expense reports in just a few clicks.

Is your organization remote?

Corpay One empowers remote companies to spend smarter and keep finance processes more secure. Learn more about how Corpay One serves remote companies.

OnCore Leads is a remote-first organization. They’re growing quickly and with that comes more vendors - and more bills.

“Automating vendor payments with Corpay One reduced our time spent on bill pay by 90%.” 

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John Anderson
Co-founder, OnCore Leads

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How Corpay One helps every member of your team.

With unlimited seats and highly customizable permissions, you can onboard your entire team to Corpay One - at no extra cost.

Get a more complete view of your team’s outgoing payments, with less manual work and data errors.
Spend less time worrying about day-to-day operations, while getting the ultimate overview into where company funds are being spent.
Easily approve your team's expenses in one simple platform, giving you better oversight and more informed spend management.
Say goodbye to hours of expense reporting and, hello to one easy system for uploading documents and getting paid back.
Easily manage your vendors inside Corpay One - customizing their payment options and seeing vendor analytics.
Spend less time chasing receipts and entering data into your system.

Empower your team with intelligent spend management.  

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