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There had to be a better way to completely manage business spending. 
So we built it.

Meet Corpay One - a complete spend management platform with an integrated smart credit card, built to bring smarter spend to scaling businesses.

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The Problem with Spend Management

Spend management is a way to manage and control all of the money that leaves a business. Unfortunately - most spend management systems are disjointed and require multiple applications and platforms to function completely. 

Using multiple platforms to manage spending can be costly and inefficient. A complete spend management platform can simplify and streamline all of those processes - in one place. 

Bill pay? You might sign up for a bill pay platform to manage vendor payments.

International payments? You might use your bank for foreign exchange.

Reimbursements? You might manually reimburse your employees.

Corporate cards? You might get a siloed company credit card from a bank.

Virtual cards? You might use a disjointed payment platform.

Expense coding? You might manually enter data into your accounting software.

About us

   Our Mission

To make it easier for businesses to focus on their growth, instead of wasting time managing spend - the old school way. 

   Our Solution

One complete platform, designed to help you manage company spending as you scale, and an integrated smart card to keep you in control. 

   Our Customers

Corpay One serves scaling businesses. Our product is designed to work for businesses with 10-200 employees. 

How it started


Cathrine Andersen and Christian Rasmussen, Corpay One (formerly Roger) co-founders, both had a dream to start their own business. Upon becoming business owners, they quickly realized how painful bill pay was. They decided to create a solution that absolved business owners of the countless hours they were wasting on paying bills. 

Corpay One is a proven, trusted solution,
backed by FLEETCOR, an S&P 500 business.


business using Corpay One


in payments processed


Payments to 200+ countries


Bills and receipts scanned


Corpay One (formerly Roger) was founded in 2016 and over the years has evolved into a complete spend management platform that does exactly what Cathrine and Christian set out to achieve (and more) - allowing businesses to focus on business, instead of wasting time managing business spending and bill pay. 

The Corpay One team

Corpay One has evolved into a team of over 100 people around the world, with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and Copenhagen, Denmark.


We work closely as a remote-forward team, leveraging digital tools to stay connected daily and holding team meetups around the world.

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