The Corpay One Mastercard® is here! 

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Easier expense reporting

Empower your team with streamlined expense management and reimbursements.

Automated approvals
No more back-and-forth. Build seamless, automated expense approvals for your team. 
Fast reimbursements
The average reimbursement in Corpay One is marked as paid within 5 hours. 
Boost productivity
Drastically reduce the time your team spends submitting expenses and get back to business.
Modern Uploads

Expense management on-the-go

With Corpay One's iOS and Android app, employees can upload receipts on-the-go - helping your organization stay organized and ahead of essential record keeping. 


A more productive way to pay

Manual expense reports take time. And for growing businesses, every minute counts. With Corpay One, you can eliminate the manual work and help your team get back to strategic initiatives.

Date Entry

Hands-free expense reporting

With Corpay One's smart scanning technology, your team doesn't have to enter individual line items for expenses. You can even email receipts directly to Corpay One using our Send&Scan address. 

Corpay One Mastercard®

Smart spend control cards

Take control of credit card spend across your team with the Corpay One Mastercard®. Set limits for each card by amount or category (like travel or fuel!) - in real time, with custom controls.¹ Plus, you can earn up to 1.5% in rebates just for paying your business bills.²

Intelligent expense management, at your fingertips.

Duplicate Detection

Protect your bottom line and avoid accidentally paying twice with our automated duplicate document flagging.

Accounting System Sync

Sync every document in Corpay One to your accounting system, for cleaner books and easier audits.

Slack Integration

Approve, decline or follow up on expenses - without ever leaving your company’s preferred communication channel.


Build custom workflows to seamlessly approve expenses, code transactions and more - all within Corpay One.

Receipt Matching

Upload any Corpay One Mastercard® receipt and it will automatically match the correct transaction using our SmartMatch algorithm.


Need to follow up on an expense? Chat with your team right in Corpay One to keep a log of communication in one place.

Corpay One is part of Corpay (NYSE: CPAY), an S&P 500 company.

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Automate expense management with Corpay One today. 

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