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The smart card that helps pay your bills.

Simplify bookkeeping with a smart corporate card for your business expenses. Plus, earn 1.5% in rebates on Corpay One Mastercard® transactions, just by using Corpay One to pay your business bills.²

Why choose the Corpay One Mastercard®?

All the benefits of a corporate card that scales with you - from the platform that streamlines your AP.


Extend your cash flow with Corpay One. Pay eligible business bills with the Corpay One Mastercard® and put your cash towards initiatives that move the needle.


Earn up to 1.5% in rebates on eligible Corpay One Mastercard® transactions, just by using Corpay One to pay your business bills.


Save time and reduce the manual work of paying business bills. With smart scanning, bill pay, easy approval workflows, accounting system sync and more, you can automate back office work and focus on your business.


The Corpay One Mastercard® is here for you and your team¹ - even as your business scales. Order unlimited cards for your employees (from anywhere with our mobile app), access a line of credit and sync seamlessly with Corpay One - all with one smart credit card.

OnCore Leads uses Corpay One to spend 90% less time on payments. "We're always looking for the best SaaS product that's out there. And Corpay One fit the bill."

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John Anderson
Co-founder, OnCore Leads

"It’s just been really nice using Corpay One and it’s been easy to train our team and get them on board."

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Jen Prakash
Controller, Pegasus

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The smart card for scaling businesses

Scale (and spend!) confidently. With the Corpay One Mastercard®, your business can access a line of credit - up to $500K - and work with even more flexibility. It’s one more way our smart card is built for scaling businesses.



Spend more, earn more

Earn a 1.5% rebate when you pay your business bills through Corpay One and a 1% rebate on eligible purchases. That’s money you can invest back into your business.

Flexible payment options

Pay even more business bills by card

Pay bills your way. Keep cash on hand when you pay your business bills using the Corpay One Mastercard®. Fund check and ACH payments using your credit card in Corpay One - yes, even to vendors who don’t accept cards!³


Unlimited cards for your employees

Empower your team without the worry. Set spend control limits for individual cardholders - instantly, in real time. Limit when, where and how often a Corpay One Mastercard® is used. Set spend amounts and frequency per card or get even more control by setting cards for use by merchant categories - like travel, fuel and maintenance!

Corpay One is part of Corpay (NYSE: CPAY), an S&P 500 company.

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Apply now for the smart business credit card that earns up to 1.5% in rebates.

1. Sign up for Corpay One
Sign up for Corpay One to access the Corpay One Mastercard® application. Plus, use Corpay One to pay your vendors, simplify bookkeeping, control expenses and more!
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2. Apply for the Corpay One Mastercard®
Submit your application⁴ inside of Corpay One to extend your cash flow, set custom card controls and start earning up to 1.5% rebate² on business bills. It's that easy.
3. Leverage complete spend management
Automate your vendor payments, manage your Corpay One Mastercard® and get a bird’s eye view of your expenses - in one comprehensive platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply for the Corpay One Mastercard®?

Any business that is based in the United States and is not one of our prohibited industries is eligible to apply. 

What type of card is the Corpay One Mastercard®? What are the payment terms?

The Corpay One Mastercard® is a charge card. That means you have to pay your monthly balance in full by the end of each payment period and cannot carry a balance. With the Corpay One Mastercard®, you will have up to 51 days to pay back your purchases.³

How do I earn rebates with the Corpay One Mastercard®?

Earn a 1.5% rebate on card transactions when you pay an eligible business bill in Corpay One* and a 1% rebate on card transactions when you don't!¹ It’s that easy.

How does the Corpay One Mastercard® build my business credit?

Good business credit is important for all small businesses, especially new ones!  That’s why Corpay One reports your Corpay One Mastercard® activity to major commercial bureaus including Equifax, Dun & Bradstreet and Experian Commercial - so you can improve your business credit history and credit score by paying your bill on time. Plus, we offer a line of credit with the Corpay Mastercard® - so you can grow your business and build your business credit in the process.²

What’s the benefit of using Corpay One with the Corpay One Mastercard®?

The Corpay One Mastercard® seamlessly integrates with Corpay One. That means you can pay your Corpay One Mastercard® bill, order new cards, review spend activity and more - all while streamlining payments to your vendors, building custom approval workflows for your team and simplifying your bookkeeping. Everything you need - all in Corpay One! The best part? No monthly fees.

Does Corpay One do a hard or soft credit inquiry for the Corpay One Mastercard® application? Which credit bureaus are used?

The Corpay One Mastercard® application requires an inquiry to the credit bureau of the personal guarantor of the card, which is considered a hard inquiry or hard pull. This allows to extend credit to businesses that, due to their size or history, may not otherwise be eligible. We use Experian Consumer during the application process.