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One-click expense approvals.

Are old-school approvals still slowing your team down? With Corpay One’s seamless approval flows, you can automate every expense ensuring the right people can send a receipt or bill for payment - without chasing down approvers.

Instantly approve bills and receipts.

Corpay One is a centralized place to review, approve, decline or follow-up
on bills and receipts. No more chasing approvers.

Seamless processes
Automate every necessary expense approval, ensuring the right people can send a receipt or bill for payment.
Become more productive
Waiting for approvals is frustrating and time-consuming. With Corpay One, there's no need to wait.
Stay compliant
Expenses need to go through proper channels. Corpay One makes that happen - instantly.
Mobile App

Approve on-the-go

The Corpay One mobile app for iOS and Android is a favorite among users. It ensures receipts and other important expense documents don't get lost, while enabling you to manage expenses on-the-go.



Simplify internal processes

With Corpay One, Workflows do all of the heavy lifting for you. Automate sending expense documents for approval and win back productive time.


Streamline communication

With Corpay One's Slack integration, important communication around approvals never gets lost. You can approve or decline expenses right from Slack.

Credit card

Spend management, simplified

Extend your cash flow and pay bills by credit card - right in Corpay One.¹ With the Corpay One Mastercard®, you can earn up to 1.5% in rebates² on business bills and set custom spend controls. The best part? No annual fee. Plus, you can fund Check and ACH payments with your own credit card to earn even more on business bills.¹


A financial Fort Knox.

Fraud is scary – but it does happen. And, it happens more often than you think. Corpay One is designed to keep you and your payments secure.

Use two-factor authentication to keep every account secure.
Audit trail
Every vendor profile and bill comes with a built-in audit trail.
Corpay One enables you to set specific permissions for your team.
Corpay One is encrypted to the highest security standards.
Duplicate detection
Corpay One can detect duplicate bills, flagging them for you.
Fraud Detection
Built-in fraud and money-laundering detection keeps our network safe.


OnCore Leads uses Corpay One to spend 90% less time on payments. "We're always looking for the best SaaS product that's out there. And Corpay One fit the bill."

Founder image
John Anderson
Co-founder, OnCore Leads

I like the integrated format of Corpay One and the Corpay One Mastercard®. It allows me to pay bills using my credit line, which is really convenient.”

Derek R. Reese
CEO & Founder, Derek R. Reese Agency, LLC, 2022

"It’s just been really nice using Corpay One and it’s been easy to train our team and get them on board."

Founder image
Jen Prakash
Controller, Pegasus

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