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Pay even more business bills by credit card.

Instead of sending payments from your bank account for things like rent, freelancers and inventory, you can fund any Check or ACH payments with your own card⁴
(or the Corpay One Mastercard®!¹) in Corpay One.

*2.9% transaction fee in Corpay One. Visa®, Discover® and Mastercard® only. 

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The cash flow-friendly way to pay.

Grow your business the way you want, with the money you need. Take advantage of the Corpay One Mastercard®¹ (or your own credit card!⁴) and pay business bills your way - with Corpay One.


Don't let limited cash on hand stunt your business growth. Pay eligible business bills with the Corpay One Mastercard®¹ or fund Check and ACH payments with your own credit card⁴ - so you can put your cash towards initiatives that move the needle. That's like paying by credit card, even if vendors don't accept it!

*2.9% transaction fee applies.


Stop sacrificing your credit card rewards on business bills. Get the Corpay One Mastercard®¹ and earn a 1.5% rebate when you pay business bills in Corpay One and a 1% rebate on all other eligible purchases.² Or, bring your own credit card rewards program to Corpay One and start earning on business bills.⁵



Take your business to the next level with Corpay One. Apply for the Corpay One Mastercard® and gain access to a line of credit.¹ Plus, you'll have up to 51 days³ to pay your balance - so you can grow your business and build your business credit in the process.

“I like the integrated format of Corpay One and the Corpay One Mastercard®. It allows me to pay bills using my credit line, which is really convenient.”

Derek R. Reese, CEO & Founder
Derek R. Reese Agency, LLC, 2022
Credit Card⁴

Pay even more business bills by card.

Pay almost any business bill by credit card⁴ in Corpay One - even if your vendors don't accept them. Instead of sending payments from your bank account, you can fund any Check or ACH payments from your credit card⁴ and take advantage of your credit card rewards program⁵ in the process.


Spend more, earn more

Take full advantage of those rewards on your credit card. For example, do you earn rewards on every purchase? Now, you can earn even more through your credit card's rewards program by funding Check or ACH with your card.⁵

Corpay One Mastercard®¹

The cash flow-friendly way to pay

Extend your cash flow and build your business credit with one, smart credit card - the Corpay One Mastercard®.¹ Pay your business bills in one easy place and earn a 1.5% rebate while doing it - with no annual fee.² Plus, you’ll earn a 1% rebate² on the rest of your eligible purchases and gain access¹ to a line of credit. The best part? Get unlimited cards and set custom spend controls for your entire team - for free!


Pay with peace of mind

Corpay One is built with fraud and money laundering detection to keep your information (and our network) secure. We're encrypted to the highest security standards and enforce identity verification - so you never have to worry if your account is safe.


Everything - all in one place

Make bill pay easy and get complete visibility of all expenses, bills, and approvals - in one powerful platform. Plus, you can securely connect all of your business bank accounts and even set preferred payment methods for different categories or vendors.

Free up time - and money

With Corpay One, you can stop worrying about bill pay and just get back to business. Pay expenses by credit card⁴, like:



Business fees



Product suppliers

Maintenance crews

And more!

Corpay One is part of FLEETCOR (NYSE: FLT), an S&P 500 company.

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Get a smarter way to pay.

The best part? No monthly subscription fees.