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  • General

    What does Corpay One do?

    Corpay One is a complete spend management software. We help businesses and accountants automate processes, build custom bookkeeping workflows, pay bills and much more. We also offer an integrated smart credit card, the Corpay One Mastercard®, which can help you pay your bills and control team spending.

    What features does Corpay One have?

    Corpay One has several features to help you simplify your spending, including:

    Bill Pay Services—helping you pay bills through a variety of payment methods (including check, ACH, credit card, virtual credit cards and international payments) Payment Automation—taking the manual work (and guesswork) out of your AP processes Corpay One Mastercard®—a smart, corporate credit card to help you pay your bills. It works like a typical company credit card, for all of your business expenses. Customizable Workflows—build fully customizable workflows and approval processes that fit your existing policies, eliminate manual work and boost efficiency

    What type of integrations does Corpay One have?

    Corpay One works with your tech stack to create seamless processes for your team. Currently, we integrate with QuickBooks Online, Xero Accounting, Slack and Zapier. We also offer two-way sync with QuickBooks Online and Xero, to help you record every payment entered in Corpay One and keep your data synced and up-to-date.

    Is there an app?

    Yes, there is a free Corpay One app. You can download Corpay One for Android devices , or download Corpay One on the App Store or Apple devices. You can use the app to see your transactions, manage your Corpay One Mastercard®, submit and approve expense reports, pay and approve bills on the go and contact our support team.

    Does Corpay One do accounts receivable?

    At this time, Corpay One does not process accounts receivable. However, we’re always building customer feedback into our product roadmap through our Customer Feedback board within Corpay One. Please check out our blog for product news and future updates

    Does Corpay One do purchase order matching?

    Corpay One does not do purchase order matching yet, but based on customer feedback, we’re prioritizing PO matching for future product road maps. We hope to implement it within the next year, but in the meantime, you can follow us on social or visit our blog to stay in-the-know on product updates.

    Does Corpay One do payroll?

    At this time, Corpay One does not manage payroll. However, we’re always building customer feedback into our product roadmap through our Customer Feedback board within Corpay One. Please check out our blog for product news and future updates.

    Is Corpay One associated with Corpay?

    Yes, Corpay One is part of Corpay—an S&P company (NYSE: FLT) and global leader in B2B payments.

    What is the relationship between Corpay and Corpay One?

    Corpay is a leading global corporate payments company that provides innovative payment solutions to businesses. Corpay is payables brand, helping businesses modernize how they track, manage and pay expenses. Corpay One is a division of Corpay, and a leading spend management solution—built specifically for scaling businesses within the lower middle market.

    Where is Corpay One based?

    Corpay One has head offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as remote team members based around the world.

    Who are our customers?

    Corpay One was designed to serve scaling businesses. Because our product grows along with our customers, it works best for businesses with 10-200 employees. Additionally, businesses that have a wide array of payables, use corporate credit cards for purchases or use Xero or QuickBooks Online may find Corpay One’s automation functionality particularly useful!

    How many customers does Corpay One have?

    Corpay One has more than 6,000 customers (and counting!).

  • Payments

    How does Corpay One make bill pay easier?

    Corpay One can help you simplify your AP processes and reduce the amount of manual work required by your team - which can save you time and empower your team to do their best work. For example, you could automate invoice approvals, automatically sync items to QuickBooks Online and track your business’ spending - all on one convenient platform.

    What bills does Corpay One pay?

    Corpay One can pay almost any kind of business bill, whether it’s paying vendors or reimbursing employees. However, you cannot use our services for speculative purposes or payments relating to our prohibited transactions. These include things like virtual currency, illegal activity and online gambling—please visit our Terms of Service to read the full list of prohibited transactions.

    How do I pay a bill in Corpay One?

    What are all the payment methods to pay bills in Corpay One?

    Corpay One supports the following payment options:

    ACH payments: electronic payments made through the Automated Clearing House network Check: physical checks printed and mailed via USPS first class mail Credit Cards: use either your own credit card or the Corpay One Mastercard® Virtual Card: real-time virtual credit cards (VCC) emailed to vendors International payments: secure, international wires or foreign exchange payments

    Can you schedule bills?

    Yes, you can use Corpay One to schedule bills. Our system allows you to initiate payments immediately, or schedule payments for later using the Auto-Schedule feature. When you enable Auto-Schedule, Corpay One will automatically initiate your bill payment up to 10 business days in advance of the due date, depending on the payment method to ensure the payment arrives on time. Visit our Help Desk for more details about this process.

    How long does it take to pay bills with Corpay One?

    How much does it cost to pay a bill?

    The cost of paying a bill in Corpay One depends on the method of payment. For detailed information about payment costs, please visit our pricing page

    Does Corpay One do international payments?

    Yes - Corpay One can send both International Wire and Foreign Exchange payments on your behalf.

    Can I set a specific payment method for a specific vendor?

    Yes, you can use Corpay One to set a default payment method for each vendor. Learn how at our help desk .

    Does Corpay One support expense reports for reimbursements?

    Yes! Corpay One can help you automate expense reports by easily creating new reports, quickly adding receipts for expenses and issuing reimbursements. Learn more about this feature at our Help Desk.

    What is a good accounts payable software

    Good accounts payable software should be easy-to-use, customizable and have a support team to help you make the product work for your needs. Bonus points if the software has the capacity to scale with your business as it grows (like Corpay One does)!

    What is AP Automation

    Accounts Payable (AP) automation is the process of completing AP tasks with automated processes instead of manual ones. For example, AP automation might include automatic invoice approvals, scanning receipts instead of manually entering data or paying bills automatically via a secure third-party payment partner.

    What is an ACH payment?

    ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments are a type of electronic fund transfer that is processed through the Automated Clearing House Network. ACH payments are transferred directly from one bank account to another, without the use of written checks or credit cards. They’re commonly used for things like direct deposits or paying vendors.

  • Corpay One Mastercard®

    What’s the benefit of using Corpay One with the Corpay One Mastercard®?

    The Corpay One Mastercard® seamlessly integrates with Corpay One. That means you can pay your Corpay One Mastercard® bill, order new cards, review spend activity, earn rebates and more - all while streamlining payments to your vendors, building custom approval workflows for your team and simplifying your bookkeeping.

    Is there an annual fee for Corpay One Mastercard®?

    No, the Corpay One Mastercard® does not charge an annual fee. Instead, we earn a small percentage from the merchant on any purchase made with the card. We also charge a 2.9% transaction fee when you opt to use the card to pay an eligible business bill through Corpay One.

    Who is eligible for the Corpay One Mastercard®?

    Any business that is based in the United States and is not one of our prohibited industries is eligible to apply.

    How do I apply for the Corpay One Mastercard®?

    You can access the Corpay One Mastercard® application within your Corpay One dashboard. To create a Corpay One account, you can sign up here.

    What are the credit limits on the Corpay One Mastercard®?

    Credit limits are assigned based on the needs of your business and the credit profile of the personal guarantor. We allow requests for credit lines up to $500k, but requests for credit lines over $50k may result in a manual application review.

    Does Corpay One do a hard or soft credit inquiry for the Corpay One Mastercard® application? Which credit bureaus are used?

    The Corpay One Mastercard® application requires an inquiry to the credit bureau of the personal guarantor of the card, which is considered a hard inquiry or hard pull. This allows to extend credit to businesses that, due to their size or history, may not otherwise be eligible. We use Experian Consumer during the application process.

    Can I limit or monitor employee spending?

    Yes—the Corpay One Mastercard® offers the ability to set spend controls by daily, weekly or monthly limits, or by merchant category. They also have same-day transaction posting, meaning you can keep tabs on employee spending and control spending before it happens.

    Can I get multiple Corpay One Mastercards® for my business?

    Yes, you can issue an unlimited number of cards to your employees. You can even set custom spend controls for each card by merchant category or by daily, weekly or monthly amounts.

    Where can I use the Corpay One Mastercard®?

    You can use the Corpay One Mastercard® anywhere that you would use a traditional credit card, and you can even use it to pay bills within the Corpay One platform!

    Does the Corpay One Mastercard® have a rebate?

    Yes! You can earn a 1.5% rebate on card transactions when you pay an eligible business bill in Corpay One and a 1% rebate on card transactions when you don't.²

    What are virtual cards?

    In Corpay One, vendor Virtual Credit Cards are digital cards emailed to vendors that contain the exact amount owed to that vendor. They can be used to pay vendors almost instantaneously. To use this method, your vendors must opt into the virtual card payment method and be able to accept credit card payments. Plus, in 2023, Corpay One Mastercard® holders will be able to access team spending virtual cards. These are separate from vendor virtual cards. Team virtual cards are one-time use cards for one-time expenses, generated digitally and instantly within Corpay One, and provide extra visibility so you can control employee spending before it happens. Stay tuned for more information on team virtual cards soon! Plus in 2023, Corpay One will offer team spending virtual cards. These are separate from vendor virtual cards. Team virtual credit cards are one-time use cards for one-time expenses, generated digitally and instantly within Corpay One, and provide extra visibility so you can control employee spending before it happens. Stay tuned for more information on team virtual cards soon!
  • Accounting

    How can Corpay One help with business accounting?

    By using Corpay One, you can reduce the time you spend on back-office, manual accounting tasks. With less manual work at the managerial level, you can spend more time focusing on analyzing your financial practices and strategies to move your business forward.

    How can accounting automations benefit me?

    Automating manual, day-to-day accounting tasks can help your business run more efficiently, scale more quickly, and work more accurately. Plus, it can help your staff spend less time on tedious work and more time providing valuable services and analysis for your clients.

    I’m an accountant, can I use Corpay One?

    Corpay One’s Advisors platform for accountants and bookkeepers helps automate client accounting services. We have a dedicated Advisor dashboard with features specific to your business and client needs. For more information, book a custom demo or contact us at

    Does Corpay One charge a fee per accounting client?

    No! You can add an unlimited number of clients for free.

    How does the Corpay One app help my clients?

    The Corpay One app makes it easy for clients to instantly upload receipts and invoices, sync transactions to QuickBooks Online, and automatically approve invoices—making their work (and yours) flow more smoothly.

    What accounting integration partners do you have?

    Corpay One syncs with QuickBooks and Xero. Our real-time, two-way sync works with your accounting system to record and reconcile payments, and keep all of your data up to date.

    What is the 2-way sync?

    2-way sync is the system that connects accounting software to a spend management platform. For example, Corpay One allows you to automatically import bills from QuickBooks Online. And, if bills are marked as paid in QuickBooks Online, the status of the bill will be updated accordingly in Corpay One. Once the integration with QuickBooks Online is connected, you can also sync vendors, categories, payment accounts, locations and classes into Corpay One.

  • Spend Management

    How does Corpay One do spend management?

    Corpay One is a comprehensive spend management platform. That means we transform your everyday spending into a seamless digital process. Features like our spend control card, automatic payments and approvals, syncing to your general ledger and built-in audit trails to track payments are just a few of the ways we can help businesses streamline their spending.

    How can my business benefit from Corpay One spend management?

    Using Corpay One for spend management can cut down on the number of different platforms you use, and the amount of manual work your team has to do. By streamlining your processes and seeing your business spending in one place, you can save valuable time, and get back to doing the work that moves your business forward.

    What is spend management?

    Spend management is a way to manage, control and track all of the money that leaves a business. It encompasses a wide variety of business expenses, like bill pay, business travel, employee expenses, corporate cards and more.

    Why is spend management important?

    Spend management is crucial. It ensures you know exactly where and when your business is spending money, so you can accurately track your cash flow, create budgets and plan for your business’ future.

    How is spend management different than expense management?

    Expense management usually refers to systems that manage employee-initiated expenses. Spend management handles employee-initiated expenses and most other business expenses.

    Is expense management part of spend management?

    Because expense management specifically deals with employee-generated expenses, it is considered part of spend management. Some spend management tools offer functionalities specifically for managing employee expenses—for example, Corpay One allows expense report submissions and reimbursements within our platform.

    *The receiving bank may charge an additional fee for wire payments for which Corpay One is not responsible. For more information on all of our fees, click here.

    How does spend management software help with spend control?

    Spend management software can simplify and automate your processes and centralize your information. For example, you could see how much you’re spending and pay your bills all in one place. That gives you convenient access to your spending data (which can help you make quicker and more accurate decisions about your budgets), and streamline your spending processes, which can save you and your team time.

    What is a good spend management software?

    Good spend management software should work with your business. Since every business is different, you should be able to customize spend management software to work according to your needs, whether that’s how you’re paying vendors, when you’re scheduling bills or who’s approving invoices.

  • Support and Security

    Does Corpay One offer support?

    Yes! You can reach Corpay One support via email at You can also use our in-app support chat (open 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, M-F), fill out our contact form, or visit our help center to browse questions and issues related to Corpay One. There is also a dedicated support number specific to the Corpay One Mastercard®, you can reach it at 833-913-2673.

    As an accountant or bookkeeper, what customer support does Corpay One offer to me and my clients?

    When you create an Advisor account with Corpay One, you will be assigned to one of our Advisor Managers who will be there to onboard you and your clients. We also offer chat support on our website (with a short response time!) and have a Help Center packed with helpful articles for you and your clients.

    What kind of security does Corpay One have?

    Corpay One prioritizes security, so you can rest assured that your information is protected. Here’s a quick breakdown of Corpay One’s security measures:

    SSL Encryption: all communication between you and Corpay One is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer, the industry standard for web encryption. Data copies and auto backups: Our servers secure your data in multiple copies, so server errors won’t disrupt your data. We also make automatic backups several times a day. Two-factor authentication: you can prevent un-authorized access to your account by setting up 2FA. Built-in fraud prevention: we have built-in money laundering and fraud detection, duplicate bill detection, and an audit trail for every bill and vendor profile. Team permissions: you can set specific permissions for your team, to help protect payment information from unauthorized access.

    How does Corpay One protect me from fraud?

    With our built-in fraud protection, we work to ensure that all payments are verified, protected against fraud and aligned with industry standards of compliance. There’s also Corpay One’s built-in audit trail which allows users to see all interactions with a bill or vendor in chronological order—giving you more visibility for audits and internal management.

    Is the Corpay One network secure?

    Yes—all communication between you and Corpay One is protected with SSL encryption.

    Is my bank information secure when added to Corpay One?

    Yes! All your information is encrypted, so you never have to worry if your payment details are safe. When you add a bank account, it is connected securely via our authentication partner -Plaid. Plaid enables us to securely link to your bank without accessing your credentials. We've also teamed up with Onfido and GIACT to verify our users' identities before they can take advantage of most payments features. This helps keep our platform safe.

    Does Corpay One use 2-factor authentication?

    Yes. Read more about setting up two-factor authentication at our help desk.

    Does Corpay One sell my information?

    No, Corpay One does not sell any of your account information. To learn more about how we use and collect customer data, head on over to our privacy policy.

    How do I log in to my account?

    Go to and click “Sign In” in the upper right corner. There, you can enter your email address and password to login.

    How do I reset my password?

    Go to and click “Sign In” on the upper right corner of the page, then click “Forgot password.” There, you’ll be able to enter your email address, and should receive an email with instructions to reset your password. If you have any issues, please reach out to our support team via in-app chat or our contact page.

  • Subscriptions

    What subscription plans are available in Corpay One?

    Our business customers have the option to subscribe under one of three subscription plans: Plus, Pro and Premium. Details for each subscription plan can be found on our pricing page. For customers who upload more than 169 documents per month, we suggest connecting with our team to build your Custom plan.

    What if I only use the Corpay One Mastercard® for my business? Do I need a subscription to manage my card?

    If you only use Corpay One to manage and access your Corpay One Mastercard®, you will continue to be able to use the platform for your card features as normal without a subscription.

    However, if you are not signed up for a subscription and you try to use the bill pay or expense report functionality within our product, you will be prompted to upgrade your account.

    What is considered a “document” for the subscription plans?

    Documents that are counted toward your monthly document limit include: Invoices (manually entered, e-mailed, uploaded and integrated), bill receipts, credit notes and reimbursement receipts. These documents will be counted even if they are uploaded and deleted.

    Documents that are not counted toward your monthly document limit include: Corpay One Mastercard® receipts and your Corpay One subscription bill paid via Stripe.

    What happens if I hit my document limit before the month ends?

    You will be notified within Corpay One that you have exceeded your document limit. For customers within the Plus and Pro plans, you can continue to upload documents, but you cannot take action on any document over your limit unless you upgrade your account to the next subscription level. For customers in Premium and Custom plans, you can continue uploading documents without upgrading, but you will be charged a $1/document overage fee on each document uploaded until the new billing period begins.

    What happens to scheduled payments when I hit my document limit?

    A document uploaded and scheduled within the document limit will continue to process as expected.

    How do I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

    Businesses can manage their subscription plan through the manage subscription page under settings.

    Can I pay my subscription with the Corpay One Mastercard®?

    Yes! To pay your subscription with your Corpay One Mastercard®, simply add your Corpay One Mastercard® details on the payment screen when selecting your subscription.

    Is the monthly subscription cost charged per user?

    No. Corpay One’s monthly subscription is per team within Corpay One. We don’t charge per user or seat.