The Corpay One Mastercard® is here! 

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The business case for automation.

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How Corpay One helps every member of your team.

With unlimited seats and highly customizable permissions, you can onboard your entire team to Corpay One - at no extra cost.

Get a holistic view of your organization’s finances with more reliable data by eliminating costly, manual work for your team and adopting error-proof accounting - so you have the necessary accounting data for financial planning.
Corpay One makes growing your business and collaboration easy. Flexible, automated approvals support collaboration - whether it’s with bookkeepers, in-house client staff or executives - freeing up your staff to focus on more clients, in less time.
Operation Managers
Use access groups to control who has access to each client, user permissions like Away Mode to stop out-of-office backups and advanced settings to help manage each client account (think auto-schedule, custom workflow approvals). Manage effectively - from anywhere.
Bookkeeping Team
Client bill pay and monthly reconciliation don’t have to be complex or time-consuming. With always-on two-way sync, categorizing and coding expenses has never been easier. Plus, Corpay One will remember your previous entries and attach the image of the bill or receipt directly into your accounting system, so you don’t have to.
Say goodbye to App fatigue. See all spend in one place and extend cash flow with the Corpay One Mastercard®¹ in one easy-to-use platform. And with multiple methods to submit documents and 99.9% accurate OCR (with an added layer of human review!), managing spend has never been easier.
Manage your vendors with ease by configuring how you pay them within Corpay One. Or request vendor payment information directly from your vendor via a secure email link. Your vendors can select their preferred payment option - without creating a Corpay One account.