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Pay by credit card
Instead of sending payments from your bank account, you can fund check and ACH payments with your credit card or the Corpay One Mastercard®.¹
Advanced workflows
Our workflows go beyond approvals. With Corpay One, you can customize, automate and implement almost any accounting rule for your team. Plus, it’s as easy as drag & drop!
No minimum bank balance
Unlike Ramp, Corpay One doesn’t check your bank account balance and require a minimum bank account balance to be eligible for the Corpay One Mastercard®.¹


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Pay by Credit Card
Expense Coding Workflows
No Minimum Bank Balance
International Wire Payments
Mobile App
Free Check and ACH Payments by bank¹
Put Bills on Autopay
Employee Reimbursements
Employee Reimbursements
Approval Workflows
QuickBooks Online Integration

Note: This comparison table is current up to May, 2022. Corpay One reviews our competitor offerings on a quarterly basis and updates the comparison table accordingly.

"Corpay One drives efficiency. I have reduced handling time and the organization has one point of entry for all invoices."

Max D, Chief Financial Officer
G2, 2021

The features you need.

Corpay One is a leading bill pay automation platform, empowering businesses to streamline their workflow and access credit options. 


This is where bill pay automation happens. Approve, explore or decline expenses, with easy, accurate invoice and receipt uploads.


Your no-code automation engine. Build complex accounting rules with ease, ensuring payments are approved, categorized and synced according to your standards.


Automate vendor payments. We pay your vendors securely and on time using best-in-class payments infrastructure.


Frustration-free reimbursements. Pay your employees back faster using our seamless expense management tool.


Corpay One gives you everyday collaboration tools, like a Slack integration, Bill Chat and more! 



Make your bookkeeper’s life easier with automated expense coding and two-way sync with your accounting system, like QuickBooks! 

Corpay One is part of FLEETCOR (NYSE: FLT), an S&P 500 company.

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