Looking for a Bill.com alternative?

Spend less on bill pay.

Corpay One doesn’t charge subscription fees, document scanning fees or user fees.

No monthly fees
You don’t have subscription, user or scanning fees. Plus, you can fund Check and ACH payments from your bank account - for free!
Built-in credit card
You don’t have to leave our platform to pay bills by credit card. Use the Corpay Mastercard® or your own credit card - right in Corpay One.¹
Advanced workflows
Our workflows go beyond approvals. With Corpay One, you can customize, automate and implement almost any accounting rule for your team.


See how Corpay One stacks up against Bill.com

Built-in credit card

Spend management, simplified

Extend your cash flow and pay bills by credit card - right in Corpay One.¹ With the Corpay Mastercard®, you can earn up to 1.5% in rebates² on business bills and set custom spend controls. The best part? No annual fee. Plus, you can fund Check and ACH payments with your own credit card to earn even more on business bills.¹

Free payment options

Do more for your business, for less

Fund Check and ACH payments from your bank account - for free! Spend less time (and money!) on bill pay and get back to business.

No monthly fees

Spend less on bill pay

Getting started with Corpay One is easy - and free! That means no software or subscription fees. Plus, we don’t charge for additional users or per scan.

Advanced workflows

Accounting rules, automated

Corpay One's powerful Workflows enable you to customize, automate and implement almost any accounting rule for your team. Build internal controls like: routing expenses for approval and putting bills on autopay. The best part? Building them is as easy as drag & drop - so anyone can do it!

"Corpay One drives efficiency. I have reduced handling time and the organization has one point of entry for all invoices."

Max D, Chief Financial Officer
G2, 2021

The features you need.

Corpay One is a leading bill pay automation platform, empowering businesses to streamline their workflow and access credit options. 


This is where bill pay automation happens. Approve, explore or decline expenses, with easy, accurate invoice and receipt uploads.


Your no-code automation engine. Build complex accounting rules with ease, ensuring payments are approved, categorized and synced according to your standards.


Automate vendor payments. We pay your vendors securely and on time using best-in-class payments infrastructure.


Frustration-free reimbursements. Pay your employees back faster using our seamless expense management tool.


Corpay One gives you everyday collaboration tools, like a Slack integration, Bill Chat and more! 



Make your bookkeeper’s life easier with automated expense coding and two-way sync with your accounting system, like QuickBooks! 

Corpay One is part of FLEETCOR (NYSE: FLT), an S&P 500 company.

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The best part? No monthly subscription fees.


Connect Corpay One to your software stack.

Corpay One works hand-in-hand with your accounting system, powering it up with a real-time sync to help you simplify your accounting workflow.