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Spend management for the best value.

Accounts payable automation, expense management and corporate cards for your team - all in one place.

Monthly Subscription Fees


Corpay One Mastercard® Annual Fee


Per-User Fees





/ month

Ideal for businesses with a growing number of monthly expenses.

  • 39 documents / month
  • Unlimited users
  • Accounting system sync
  • Unlimited workflows
  • Fully automated scanning
  • Mobile app




/ month

Built for mid-size businesses with increasing finance team tasks and bills.

  • 99 documents / month
  • Everything from Plus








/ month

Designed for larger organizations in need of an ultimate AP automation solution.

  • 169 documents / month
  • One-on-one onboarding
  • Everything from Pro




Need something more?

Connect with a member of our team to discover custom pricing - for our organizations with more than 169 documents / month.


  • 169+ documents/ month
  • Customized implementation plan
  • Premium onboarding

Corpay One is a proven, trusted solution,
backed by FLEETCOR, an S&P 500 business.


business using Corpay One


in payments processed


Payments to 200+ countries


Bills and receipts scanned

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Accounting Firm or Bookkeeping Firm?

Corpay One doesn’t charge per-advisor or per-client fees - so you can onboard your firm's staff and clients for free. Learn how our Advisor Dashboard works by booking a call with us today.

Corpay One Mastercard®

The Corpay One Mastercard® is a smart card for your business.1 Get seamless spend management, with a built-in bill pay platform to streamline your team’s tedious finance tasks. Plus, earn rebates - just for paying your business bills.2







Expected Credit Lines

Credit Criteria


Expected Rebates.2

Small Business

Up to $50K

Monthly Net 21

Mid-sized Business

$50k - 500K

Monthly Net 21 or Custom

Small Business

Mid-sized Business

Expected Credit Lines

$1k - 50K

$50k - 500K

Credit Criteria

Personal Guarantee

No Personal Guarantee


Monthly Net 21

Monthly Net 21 or Custom

Expected Rebates.*

Rebates are dependent on accounts paying bills in Corpay One.


Up to 1.5%

Up to 1.5% or Custom

Corpay One Payments


ACH Payment via bank or debit card


Check Payment via bank or debit card


Check and ACH Payment via Credit Card³

2.9% of the transaction

Foreign Exchange Payment

1.5% of the transaction

International Wire Payment


*For more payment details, please see our terms of service.


   Unlimited Users

   Fully Automated Scanning

  Unlimited Receipt Uploads

   Manager Approvals

   Automated Bookkeeping

   Mobile App

   Accounting  System Sync

   Unlimited Workflows

   Slack and Zapier Integrations

   Live  Chat Support











OnCore Leads uses Corpay One to spend 90% less time on payments. "We're always looking for the best SaaS product that's out there. And Corpay One fit the bill."

Founder image
John Anderson
Co-founder, OnCore Leads

I like the integrated format of Corpay One and the Corpay One Mastercard®. It allows me to pay bills using my credit line, which is really convenient.”

Derek R. Reese
CEO & Founder, Derek R. Reese Agency, LLC, 2022

"It’s just been really nice using Corpay One and it’s been easy to train our team and get them on board."

Founder image
Jen Prakash
Controller, Pegasus

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a “document” for the subscription plans?

Documents that are counted toward your monthly document limit include: Invoices (manually entered, e-mailed, uploaded and integrated), bill receipts, credit notes and reimbursement receipts. These documents will be counted even if they are uploaded and deleted.

Documents that are not counted toward your monthly document limit include: Corpay One Mastercard® receipts and your Corpay One subscription bill paid via Stripe.

Is the monthly subscription cost charged per user added?

No. Corpay One’s monthly subscription is per team within Corpay One. We don’t charge per user or seat.

What happens if I hit my document limit before the month ends?

You will be notified within Corpay One that you have exceeded your document limit. For customers within the Plus and Pro plans, you can continue to upload documents, but you cannot take action on any document over your limit unless you upgrade your account to the next subscription level. For customers in Premium and Custom plans, you can continue uploading documents without upgrading, but you will be charged a $1/document overage fee on each document uploaded until the new billing period begins.

Who is eligible to apply for the Corpay One Mastercard®?

Any business that is based in the United States and is not one of our prohibited industries is eligible to apply. 

What type of card is the Corpay One Mastercard®? What are the payment terms?

The Corpay One Mastercard® is a charge card. That means you have to pay your monthly balance in full by the end of each payment period and cannot carry a balance. With the Corpay One Mastercard®, you will have up to 51 days to pay back your purchases.³

What if I only use the Corpay One Mastercard® for my business? Do I need a subscription to manage my card?

The Corpay One Mastercard® application requires an inquiry to the credit bureau of the personal guarantor of the card, which is considered a hard inquiry or hard pull. This allows to extend credit to businesses that, due to their size or history, may not otherwise be eligible. We use Experian Consumer during the application process.